Indirect Semi-Automatic Ceiling Tool With 3 Extention Poles Ø8.6mm Barrel Guide.


  • Easy to use, just position, then push to fire without trigger. No broken cables. No pinched fingers.
  • No cycling eliminates wasted loads. Work faster and save money.
  • Quiet and light weight.
  • Easy to keep maintained.
  • Allow fastening in hard-to-reach areas.

Weight 1.9 kg
Powder Loads 0.27 cal. (6.8/11mm), 10 shots/strip
Drive pins
  • .300 head or 8mm head pins.
  • 16mm up to 32mm in length.
Applications Special for over head ceiling works.

Powder Load

L27-3 (Green Color)

L27-4 (Yellow Color)

L27-5/L27-6 (Red Color)
Product Introduce
Angle Clip Assemblies

.300 head pins, zinc plated pastic flute assembled with eyelet washer and angle clip.


Part No.      Shank length        Assembly      Shank dia.    
H31F32  1" Angle ceiling clip      3.6mm
H32F32 1-1/4 Angle ceiling clip 3.6