Hsin Ho is the pioneer manufacturer to make powder loads with authorized license at Taiwan in 1976, and increased staffs & equipments to make powder-actuated tools (P.A.T.) & drive pins in 1982. As National Standard Bureau request, Hsin Ho assisted to build up our national standard of powder loads, drive pins and P.A.T. in 1982. In the meantime, Hsin Ho cooperated with the Dept. of Material Science Engineering, National Tsing Hua University to research and develop the heat treatment & spheroidization of high carbon steel wire with achievement, offered the spheroidization data to China Steel Corp in 1984, from then they became our steel wire supplier and kept good relationship up to now. 

Hsin Ho obtained the first sheet of ISO 9001 certificate in 1998, and continue to keep ISO9001  utill now, we
 got latest ISO 9001:2015 on Dec. 15, 2021, and valid to Dec. 15, 2024.  "Consistent Quality + Required Quantity + Precise Delivery" is our policy to meet customer requirements in satisfaction. These beliefs kept us outstanding among all the competitors here.

Hsin Ho can supply full range of drive pins for P.A.T. and gas nails. The hardness (HRC52-56 for drive pins, HRC54-58 for gas nails) & toghness can meet and over each country in the world. All of our drive pins and gas nails are through the most rigorous quality assurance absolutely starting from wire materials, forming, heat treatment, anti-corrosion treatment, assembly to finished products. Up to now, our products quality is the best one both in Taiwan & Mainland China. In order to maintain the perfect quality control, all of our drive pins and gas nails are 100% made in Taiwan. Hsin Ho is not only supply P.A.T., but also gas-actuated tool  & air nailers with durable performance in such a professional market. For keeping quality control and prompt delivery. These tools are also 100% made in Taiwan. Hsin Ho also R&D to new materials of pins (such as Stainless Steel NSSC550), automatic assembling machine of drive pins with metal washers, new full automatic PAT ,  etc. Hsin Ho will keep moving with our customers' support. Thanks!