Direcet single shot ceiling tool with 3 extension poles.


  • Powerful - great for fast, positive attachment of hanger wire to concrete and steel.
  • Soundless device.
  • No trigger mechanism, no cable to adjust means less down time.
  • Installs thicker shank fasteners - for higher holding values.
  • Easy to keep maintained.
  • Eliminates ladders and scaffolding.
  • Spent loads eject easily.

Powder Load 0.22 cal. (5.6/16mm) Neck down.
Weight 1.2kg
Drive pins CM62, F62AC
Applications For overhead ceiling works.

Powder Load

H22-4 (Yellow Color)

H22-5 (Red Color)


H22-6 (Purple Color)
Product Introduce
Ceiling Drive Pin

Ø5/16"  head pins, Step shank,zinc plated with Ø7/16" metal washer.

Part No.Shank length      Overall length   Shank dia  
CM62 32mm 38mm 3.9~4.5mm

For ceiling tool CM-169.

  • Ramset LADD 1600
Ceiling Pin with pre-mounted 120 degree Clip 

Pre-assembled Angle clip with ceiling pin.

Part No.Shank length   Overall length    Shank dia    
F62-AC 1-1/4" Metal clip 3.9~4.5

For ceiling tool CM-168 and CM-169.

  • Ramset LADD 1600