• Special for insulation fastening with IF type guide and long IF type piston.
  • Can be interchangelable to standard single shot type (EXP100) or magazine type (EXP100M) for different applications.
  • Unique design with patent in Taiwan and China.
  • Exceptionally quiet. It's the quietest among powder actuated tools in current market.
  • Balanced and vented to reduce recoil. Easy to work without fatique.
  • Simple mechanical automatic piston return and cartridges advancing system.
  • Power level adjustment dial.
  • Designed for high volume fastening applications.
  • Easy cleaning and servicing.    

Powder Loads .27 cal. (6.8/11mm), 10 pcs/strip
Weight 3.3 kg
Drive pins 8mm head DI pins, length from 37mm to 90 mm assembled with different thicknesss of 60mm dia. plastic plate. (Thickness from 25 mm to 160mm)
Applications for fastening thermal insulation materials (rockwool, glass fibre etc) thickness from 25 mm to 100mm into concrete and steel (3~6mm thickness).

Powder Load

L27-3 (Green Color)

L27-4 (Yellow Color)

L27-5/L27-6 (Red Color)

L27-7 (Black Color)
Product Introduce

Plastic insulation fasteners

8mm head DI pin, assembled with 60mm dia. plastic insulation plate.

Part No.  Shank length   Shank dia   Insulation thickness
IF6-25-DI37      37mm      4.5mm      25mm
IF6-30-DI37 37 4.5 30
IF6-35-DI47 47 4.5 35
IF6-40-DI52 52 4.5 40
IF6-50-DI52 52 4.5 50
IF6-60-DI52 52 4.5 60
IF6-75-DI52 52 4.5 75
IF6-100-DI52 52 4.5 100
IF6-120-DI52 52 4.5 120
For fasten insulation materials to
concrete and steel.
EXP101 (EXP100IF) /  EXP360IF / EXP950IF /  EXP750IF
    DX36M / DXA40 / DXA41 / DX351 / DX460